Meet Carolyn

Carolyn Goff

As soon as Carolyn Goff set foot in Douglas County, she knew she was in a very special place. In fact, just like Dorothy in the classic movie “The Wizard of Oz,” she knew she wasn’t in Kansas anymore. And even though this Wichita native has traveled to many different places across the country, she knew she’d found her own wonderful “Land of Oz.”

The Perfect Blend
Here she found the perfect blend of majestic alpine beauty and warm, friendly people. And its active, quality lifestyle also offers her a wealth of amenities like the world-class skiing resorts, green mountain trails and crystal clear lakes.

Family Values
As different as Douglas Co. is to the Midwest, Carolyn takes great comfort in the area’s traditional family values that she finds similar to her upbringing. Indeed, some of her best memories of growing up in Kansas were large family picnics and holiday get-togethers. For Carolyn, these were special times where she bonded with her relatives, talked over great meals and listened to old stories.

The Ties That Bind
Carolyn was raised to truly value these family ties and it’s a quality that she’s proud to pass on to her two kids, Bryan and Kelly. Carolyn loves showing her kids how much they mean to her. She infuses this attitude into the many things they do together, which include school activities, waterskiing during the summer, fun camping weekends, teaching them to ski, playing a round of golf and hiking the foothills.

A Leading Professional
It’s only fitting that someone who has such an intimate understanding of the area would be one of its leading real estate professionals. For Carolyn, there’s no other place to be than living in the Douglas County area and she’s proud of her role in helping others make the most of the area’s excellent lifestyle.

Helping Others
As a dedicated professional who’s been licensed since 1986, Carolyn specializes in helping others through the real estate process because she understands the challenges that come with a home sale or purchase. But because she knows that there’s no greater feeling than finding just the right property or selling a home for the best price, Carolyn commits 100% of her energy to achieve great results.

Distinct Advantages
For all her valued clients, Carolyn strives to give them the distinct advantages they need when it’s time to buy or sell. For her buyers, she uses her in-depth area knowledge to help find the right property to suit her clients’ unique needs. For her sellers, she uses her comprehensive marketing plan to gain their home a maximum amount of exposure. Just as the classic movie reminds us “there’s no place like home,” Carolyn Goff knows there’s no better place to call home than Douglas County. If you are considering buying or selling a home or relocating to the area, call her today. She’s The One to Know.

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